3 Ways To Take Care Of Your Expensive Sarees

Hey, are you worried about your expensive sarees? 

We know that being a sari admirer, you always want to keep your sarees properly. But when it comes to organizing your sarees, it might seem a bit confusing. After all, your wardrobe is filled with several kinds of saree. 

No worries, we have some amazing tips to declutter your saree wardrobe.

Here we go…

1. Let’s arrange your saree as per the color

It becomes easy to find when you organize your sarees as per the color. If you want to wear a red sari for any specific occasion, then you just need to see the pile of red sarees. So, you can keep your saree as per the color in our khidki saree bags to make your life easy and effortless.

2. Sort your sarees as per fabric & patterns

It is always recommended to keep the same kind of textiles together to avoid any kind of damage. Organize your sarees as per the fabrics and patterns, so next time when you plan to wear a silk sari...just look into the silk section. For your zari and embroidered sarees, always go for mulmul wrap arounds to protect it from getting oxidised. 

3. Categorize your sarees as per the occasion

Classify your sarees as per the occasion and make a separate pile for each kind. So, whether it’s wedding, cocktail, sangeet or every day, you don’t have to look into all the sections. 

Another exciting tip is to assign different types of saree bags for each kind - chiffons can go in hanger bags, kanjeevaram in large saree bags, everyday wear in khidki saree bags, neutral shades of silk sarees in multi-saree bags. 


It's so simple to organise your saree wardrobe in a structured way.

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