5 Simple Tips To Freshen Up Your Sarees

Have you ever wondered what is the right way to store your saree?

Just like any other garment, sarees tend to lose their freshness & beauty after some time. The secret lies in proper care & how you treat them after you purchase them.

Saree is a part of our culture & for many, it is an expression of heritage - keeping it fresh & healthy is important for its longevity. When it comes to your special sarees, you want to keep their lustre for years to come.

When your sarees spend more time in your wardrobe than you do, it's necessary to give them special treatment.

To keep your sarees looking good as new, here are 5 ways to take care -:

1. Declutter your wardrobe 

Imagine the world of organized sarees in your closet, each one enclosed in a beautiful pure cotton saree bag - protecting your sarees from dust & humidity as well as adding aesthetics to your wardrobe.

2. Add a natural touch of fragrance

Freshness & fragrance go hand-in-hand. Freshness can be added to your sarees naturally & also help you in creating your personal signature fragrance.Choose wardrobe fresheners made with natural ingredients & help impart a pleasant fragrance to your sarees. This can save you from damaging your expensive silk saree, which could happen if you use perfume on them.

3. Avoid Plastic Bags

Saree is an elegant statement, we suggest that you do not store them in plastic bags. Instead, place them in a pure cotton bag to keep fresh as new. This helps to preserve the natural beauty of your saree while protecting from dust & humidity.

4. Give some sun treat to your sarees

Sunlight acts as a perfect conditioner for the sarees, which makes them fresh & keep them healthy for a longer period of time. Early morning sunlight known to improve the health of silk & other sarees too.

5. Special treatment to your classic drapes

The secret to making the most of your handcrafted sarees is taking good care of them. Every fabric behaves in a different way, so you need to give care as per the fabric of the saree. For handcrafted/handloom ones, always go for dry-cleaning & store them in a pure cotton bag to keep the shine alive.

These 5 tips will help you breathe new life into your old saree — even if its been in your closet for ages. Give your saree a new look & feel with Aprudha Pure Cotton Saree Bags - keep them new as forever.