Best Ways To Preserve Your Silk Sarees....

Sarees have always been and will always be a personal treasure for women. Silk sarees are one of the most cherished styles among all kinds of sarees. They are considered as one of the most loved Indian ensembles which completes every woman's wardrobe. Women love to wear silk saree on the special occasions and festivals. Silk is associated with richness, elegance and tradition. Silk sarees are treasured and saved for generations.

Silk is a fine fabric which needs special care, here are a few effective tips to preserve silk sarees for longer.


Did you ask yourself following questions before you bought your fabulous saree?

  • What is the nature of silk sarees?

  • What are the basic steps you can follow to store a saree?

  • What preservation methods can you use for maintaining your favourite silk saree?

Maintenance and preservation of your clothes can be very easy if you follow the right process. Let’s explore the best ways to store your silk sarees:


How to avoid factors that can damage your silk saree?

Silk is a delicate fibre, they are susceptible to deterioration. This textile is very vulnerable to the climate, humidity, light, insects, and dust. Moisture is a major reason why silk clothes get damaged. To safeguard sarees from moisture, it is always best to wrap them in pure cotton fabric to store them in your wardrobe.

Storing your sarees in a cotton bag allows them to breathe, protects its zari from oxidisation, and will also ensure the protection from insects like moths, cockroaches, and beetles. Insect damage the silks and eventually the fabric cracks to your surprise. Make sure that you have stored expensive silk sarees in a cotton bag and not in direct contact with the other sarees.



Also, one reason for damage can be the way you fold and store the sarees in your cupboard. Decluttering your wardrobe and folding the saree without flaps can be a good idea for storage. It's always advised to fold the designs inside-out to ensure safety. Always remember to refold your silk sarees every three months this will prevent it from tearing in the crease lines.


DO’s and DON’T for the storage of silk sarees

1. Do not store silk sarees with other material like cotton or chiffons that can stain your sarees. Put them separately in the cotton bags. You can even put 1-2 similar sarees in one bag to save space.

2. It is better to store them in an enclosed space, away from direct sunlight. Sunlight not only weakens the fabric, but also fades the dyes in the cloth. Avoid heavy illumination in storage places. Also take precautions not to dry your silk saree in direct sunlight but show the sarees sun for 30 minutes every six months.

3. Never store the silk saree in plastic covers that can lead to fabric and Zari discolouration. You can always use cotton cover bags over synthetic material.

4. High humidity in coastal cities is a major cause of concern for ladies. Use silica gels to control moisture in your storage places. Remember to change the silica gel every 3-4 months.

5. Dust is the most common concern in India; another main reason silk and expensive clothes get damaged. For this, it is very essential to pack your saree without open ends. Try using zipless bags that can ensure your clothes do not undergo wear and tear.

We know that silk sarees are quite an investment for ladies and hence Aprudha cotton bags can provide you with the perfect protection to your silk collection. These eco-friendly bags will ensure the safety from dust, humidity and light. You can reduce your storage expense and reuse these bags after washing again and again.


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We hope this article enlightened you to increase the longevity of your saree’s life to manage them look good as long as you want!