Different Fabrics, Same Goal.

Every woman wants to look beautiful on special occasions, saree is one of the Indian attire which is considered as one of the most attractive attire in Indian culture. It is one of the most loved and elegant attire, though it requires special care and attention to keep them long-lasting.

Not just sarees, but also other items like handbags need special care. So how do you look after them? If you want to keep your sarees, accessories, and other items to be fresh and safe from the dust. Don’t worry, we have a solution to keep your wardrobe healthy and fresh. We have an amazing range of pure cotton bags for your sarees & other items like Lehenga, handbags, blazers, jackets, etc.

Cotton fabric is one of the preferred choices for a wardrobe organizer. We use earth-friendly cotton fabrics which are free from chemicals, artificial colors, and 100% pure. We have used several kinds of pure cotton fabric with different thread counts as per the purpose of each bag. 

Here, we will give you a brief about our pure cotton fabrics which we use to make bags for you

1. Premium Cotton

This type of cotton is smooth with a subtle shine & polish look with medium thread count, provides a nice ambience to your silk sarees. We use premium cotton for premium pure cotton saree bags, premium large cotton saree bags, premium pure cotton lehenga bags, blazer bags & mask bags.

2. Nobel Cotton

This is one of the finest quality of cotton with a great fall, that’s why we use this for hanger saree bags. Our multi saree bags are also made from noble cotton because of its amazing capacity to hold multiple sarees together. And from the leftovers, we create pad bags.


3) Fine Cotton 

Our fine cotton fabric is light in weight, soft in texture, and slightly translucent. These traits make it a suitable choice to keep your handbags, one of the major reasons behind the creation of bag for bags.


4) Super Premium Fabric

One of the most premium quality, used to create folder bags. An ideal choice to hold your petticoat, blouse and sarees together. This fabric has a great feel and crisp, which prevent wrinkles. Because of these reliable characteristics, you can organize your luggage with our folder bags. You will save a lot of time & energy.

5) Mulmul cotton

One of the finest variety of cotton, our mulmul sheets are made from mulmul cotton fabric. An ideal choice to cover your expensive sarees for extra protection from dust & humidity. One of the greatest feature of this fabric is that it protects zari from getting oxidised.


Our pure cotton saree bags are thoughtfully designed by saree professionals after thorough research. These bags are created in a very artistic manner to  give more aesthetic appeal to your wardrobe. There are various kinds of cotton fabrics are used to make these bags as per the design & utility with the same goal of protecting your clothes & accessories from dust & humidity.

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