Khadi - The Fabric of Self Reliant India

Khadi - The Fabric of Self Reliant India

Khadi is a feeling that is spun and woven by human hands, the beauty of this fabric lies in the irregularities touched by many souls. Historically, Khadi played a vital role in Indian independence and taught us to fight without violence by generating income for rural Indian communities. Again today, it can play a major role in India to become self-reliant by contributing to the economic and sustainable development of the country.

Sustainable Creation

The Khadi fabric is a symbol of unity because its creation connects many artists together. The manufacturing of this fabric is a highly sustainable and slow process involves farmers, spinners, weavers, washers, ironers, dyers, etc. It can play a significant role to protect our environment due to its sustainability, one meter of khadi fabric consumes 3 litres of water while one meter of the mill produced fabric requires 55 litres of water. Khadi is a zero-carbon footprint fabric, which makes it an ideal alternative to other fabrics which generates a lot of pollutants during the manufacturing process.


Known For Its Versatility

Khadi is known for its durability and adaptability to different seasons, it has a unique characteristic of keeping you cool in summers and warm in winters. It is one of the most highly resistant fabric which does not get damaged easily. In fact, it becomes more exquisite after every wash. The use of khadi is not limited to only traditional clothing, nowadays it is one of the most suitable fabrics to create contemporary silhouettes. It can be styled in many different techniques to create a fascinating look.

Stylish Ways To Wear A Khadi Jacket

A Khadi Jacket is a perfect definition of the class and versatility that can be worn by both men and women in interesting ways. Women can wear it as a blouse with Saree to create a bold and beautiful look as well as can wear it on the top of the White Shirt with Blue Denim as a casual style. Men can wear it with Kurta Pajama as traditional wear and also with a Shirt and Trousers to give it a western look.


Promoting Our National Fabric

As a brand, we at Aprudha proudly use Khadi to create fashionable clothing to display love and respect for our country by promoting our local artisans throughout the world. Widespread use of khadi will lead to an increase in employment opportunities for rural India.