8 reasons why you should store sarees in Pure Cotton

Pure cotton bags have become a preferred alternative to synthetic material bags in the textile industry. The plastic saree bags are no longer the first choice for most of the conscious shoppers.  It's great to see how aware and concerned modern women have become. When it comes to storing and preserving things, let it be precious sarees or any other clothing, women do not compromise on quality.

The fabric saree bags have countless advantages over the plastic bags which is the prime reason you will find fabric bags of different material available in the market nowadays.

All though the plastic bagging alternatives are very much cheaper in the market, fabric bags usually come with a nominal price. But the advantages of reusing fabric bags outweigh this small cost in no time.

Read through the points below to learn why you should switch to pure cotton bags.


1. Pure cotton bags provide an excellent way to keep dust and humidity away from your sarees. They are an age old formula that has been used by our grandmothers since many year. They used to make these bags out of their old sarees and we have extended that tradition by introducing the Mul cotton saree wrap arounds as part of our product line.


2. Cotton bags do not cause the environmental harm as that of plastic bags. Fabric bags are recyclable and biodegradable hence do not pollute the environment. As an advocate of conscious consumerism, we decommissioned the complimentary plastic bags and switched completely to pure cotton bags for all our saree orders.


3. Fabric bags are washable and reusable. It can be used for many years, depending on the raw material used, sewing quality, usage areas and shape. In fact, Pure cotton bags often become softer and smoother with use.


4. A fabric bag can carry a number of sarees without undergoing wear and tear. Plastic bags crack open at the corners and sewing line if it is not able to take the heavyweight of the saree or damaged while carrying. This exposes the sarees to the dust and friction. Fabric bags are capable of carrying more number of sarees at a time. Just like cotton saree bags you can store multiple sarees according to the size and volume.



5. Unlike plastic bags or paper bags, your garments will be more consistent on a fabric bag and ensure safety for a much longer period. Paper and plastic used for the sarees might lead you to check on the durability, but thanks to the fabric bags that are more durable and can be reused again.


6.  Pure cotton provides a natural soothing cover for the sarees. The designer, fine embroidery sarees need soft and pure material to avoid damage. No artificial colours are used in the fabric bags which might not be the case with plastic cover bags.

7. Fabric bags like cotton are made from antibacterial material that ensures the safety of the material. But the synthetic saree bags like plastic have toxins available in artificial fabrics. Plastic covers have heavy chemicals which react with the saree, infiltrating the dye and changing the colour of your beautiful saree.

8. It has been observed that moisture is a major reason silk sarees decay. Fabric bags like cotton are made from cellulose, a naturally occurring polymer, which is known to absorb moisture up to 25 times their weight. Cotton bags can keep your saree dry even in monsoon season, which is not true with plastic bags. Plastic saree bags will trap the moisture in the saree, damaging the texture of the saree.

It’s very essential to know how to correctly store your clothes so that you can ensure they won’t get damaged over time. Your precious investment in your favourite saree collection deserves all the care it needs.

If you wish to get yourself a cotton fabric bag that can take care of all your sarees, you can reach out to Aprudha cotton saree bags. These saree bags are available in various designs and models for your special needs. 

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Fabric bags act as the perfect material for saree covers. Sooner or later you will feel the need to store this treasure. Give your sarees a longer life irrespective of the saree material. Make your expensive sarees span generations.