Ultimate Guide To Pick The Ideal Saree Bag For Your Sarees

Buying a saree is an essential part of our lives, so is to keep it in the best condition. As a saree lover, the primary concern would be keeping your sarees fresh & organized forever - this doesn't just add life to your saree but also keep it handy & ready to wear for the particular occasion.

When it comes to organizing your sarees in the saree bags, it might seem a bit confusing since every saree has different folds & thickness. Keeping your saree in the right kind of bag is all that matters - Aprudha’s pure cotton saree bags are an ideal choice for saree lovers (especially for expensive silk sarees). There are several types of bags available in different designs & sizes as per the purpose of storing each kind of saree.

You might be wondering how to keep several types of sarees in pure cotton bags, don’t worry, we have a solution for your expensive silk & other sarees.

Let’s choose the right one for your precious one -:

1. Premium Pure Cotton Saree bags

Our well structured Premium Pure Cotton Saree Bags (44 X 36cm)  are designed to keep single saree. These bags are perfect for regular fold silk sarees, cotton sarees, jamdani sarees, Maheshwari sarees. Premium pure cotton saree bags make stacking easier & keep your precious drapes neat & crisp.


 2. Khidki Cotton Saree bags

A well thought design of our Pure Cotton Khidki Saree Bags (44 X 34cm) is an ideal choice for your everyday wear sarees. These bags allow to have a clear view of the sarees kept inside, which makes it easy to store them in an organised manner. They are meant to store one saree at a time. The fabric of our Pure Cotton Khidki Saree Bags is thicker with heavy gsm and suitable for almost all kind of sarees with regular fold.


3. Premium Large Pure Cotton Saree bags

An ideal choice to keep your large fold sarees like kanjivaram silk, heavy Banarasi, heavily embroidered. Our Premium Large Pure Cotton Saree Bags (59 X 44cm) is also a perfect choice, if you want to keep 2-3 sarees together in one bag. These bags are spacious enough for your special occasional wear sarees.

4. Hanger Pure Cotton Saree Bags

Hanger Saree Bags provide a unique & smart way to protect your delicate sarees from dust & humidity. These bags are perfect for hanging sarees like chiffons, crepes & light-weight organza which tend to wrinkle when stacked in cupboards. Our Hanger Pure Cotton Saree Bags (69 X 50cm) is the best choice for your delicate drapes and keep them fresh & good looking as new.

5. Pure Cotton Multi-Saree Bags
Built around Dadimaa’s Nushkhas, Multi-saree bags are designed to keep 6-8 sarees. Although inspired from an ancient concept, these bags remain very classy & unique when placed in your wardrobe. Pure Cotton Multi-Saree Bags (65 X 30 X 21cm) are perfect for large fold sarees (preferably silks), you can fold your sarees in two folds and keep in the bag. These bags have two flap with buttons inside & outside flaps with strings for extra protection. 

6. Pure Cotton Folder Saree bags

Strategically designed to keep a saree, blouse & petticoat together in a bag. These bags have a separate section for your saree, blouse & petticoat, which allows you to keep your matching sets together - also save time to find exact shade of petticoat & blouse of the particular saree. Folder Saree Bags (103 X 42cm)  are suitable, if you travelling to attend a wedding or any special occasion.

7. Madhubani Hand-Printed Pure Cotton Saree Bags

An ideal choice for gifting, our Madhubani Hand-Printed Bags (36 X 40cm) are designed to keep your special or bridal sarees. These beautiful handprints on the flap will add colours to your wardrobe & makes it look vibrant. These bags are great alternatives for plastic & paper packaging for saree gifting, you can easily store 1-2 sarees in a bag.


Our pure cotton saree bags are made from 100% pure cotton, chemical free & free from artificial colours. Aprudha’s pure cotton saree bags are reusable, durable, washable, & earth-friendly - protect your heirlooms from dust & humidity.

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