About Aprudha

We are bunch of young Indian women who love to drape the 6 yard. around the waist. It all started with a simple hobby of me and my friends of collecting Hand woven Handloom Sarees from the interior and unexplored parts of India. On the way of getting into the competition that who owns the richer wardrobe, we came to the conclusion that all the Saree lovers end up with the same passion.

Our country has such a vivid taste when it comes to both food and clothing. While shopping in interiors of Bengal, Orissa and Bihar we learned a lot about material, design, textures and the weaving process. Every weaver we met has a different story to tell through their weaving. It’s not just an art but also a passion for them – something they have inherited from their forefathers.

Be it traditional Jaamdani, Sambalpuri or Banarsi, every saree depicts the rich heritage our country that has existed across centuries. We have travelled across the states, to the most interior parts of India and handpicked the Sarees to add to our collection. The curating passion is helping us add more elegant designs every week. 

Aprudha is a bootstrapped company based out of Pune, Maharashtra, India. Started with the dream and passion to bring exclusive yet traditional hand woven Sarees for you all.

Aprudha is a Hindi word and happens to be the name of goddess Durga. It means “The one who never gets old”. We chose the name because it defines our vision - Handloom art never gets old. It’s always in fashion and defines the class, tastes and preferences of the woman wearing it.

Checkout the collection that aligns with your vision of what you want to become. Happy shopping.