Basic Cotton Saree Bags - 80 GSM (Thinner) - 45x35 cm Pack of 12
Basic Cotton Saree Bags - 80 GSM (Thinner) - 45x35 cm Pack of 12
Basic Cotton Saree Bags - 80 GSM (Thinner) - 45x35 cm Pack of 12

Basic Cotton Saree Bags - 80 GSM (Thinner) - 45x35 cm Pack of 12

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Aprudha cotton Saree bags are perfect to store your expensive sarees, especially in these difficult times. A number of fabrics like Silk, Muslin and materials often perish over time when not stored correctly. The bags will help you take care of them for months.

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[80 GSM Thread count - 45x35 cm]

 Some of the features of the bags are:

  • Pure cotton provides natural soothing cover for the sarees
  • Excellent Protection from Dust and Humidity
  • 80 GSM Thread count
  • Helps you keep your wardrobe organised
  • Large size 45x35 cm allows 1-2 sarees at a time
  • Zip less design ensures your sarees don’t get damaged accidentally
  • Wooden buttons that last longer
  • Washable and Reusable
  • No Artificial Colors were used
  • No Plastic or Synthetic used
  • Eco-Friendly

With Aprudha saree bags, you can have all your sarees organised and your wardrobe remains decluttered. You can stack them up one over other. Each saree bag can store from 1-2 sarees (depending on the size of the saree) and can be used to group your precious collection.

Keep your sarees clean, tidy and safe

The bags provide excellent protection from dust as well as accidental tangling (especially with zari based sarees). Button based design ensures the safety of your saree while within the bag.


Give you saree a longer life

Protection from dust and humidity will automatically render more life to your sarees. It is said that if you keep pure silk sarees in similar way you can even pass them on to generations.


Make your expensive sarees span generations. 

These bags can help you make your clothes last longer. The ideal size happens to be ideal for sarees, dresses, tops, shirts etc.

Why are these bags an excellent choice?

Sarees, especially silk are a treasure and pride of every Indian women. They are very luxurious and expensive items but are also very delicate.


This product is build around grandmas “Nuskhas”. If you remember our grand mas used wrap their sarees in soft cotton or suti cloth, and add dry neem leaves and store them in their trunk.

Aprudha saree bags preserve your luxurious sarees in style. They provide an ambient environment for the sarees to breath, while protecting them from harmful dust and humidity.

Cotton is made from cellulose, a naturally occurring polymer, which falls under the category of hydrophilics - that are known to absorb moisture up to 25 times of their weight. As such, they act as the perfect material for saree covers.

From our experience of selling and storing sarees, It has been observed that Moisture is one of the top reasons pure silk sarees decay. The next one is the toxins available in artificial fabrics.

These handloom silk sarees are a story and a legacy in themselves. Let’s preserve them and pass it on to our next generations.

What all you can store?

These bags are versatile and simple in structure. You can store

  • Silk, Linen, Cotton sarees
  • Dresses and expensive tops
  • Lehengas and Party wear
  • Shawls, Muffles, Sweaters


Please note, Do not store outfits that have work that can get tangled and destroy the bag and in turn destroy themselves.

How to Use?


In Addition, Please follow these rules (with or without bags)

  • Every six months show the sarees in Sun for 30 minutes
  • Wash the saree bags at least once a year
  • Store similar sarees together
  • Do not store petticoats and other fabrics that can stain your sarees
  • Change saree folds every 4 months


More about the bags

These bags are 45 cm wide and 35 cm in length – perfect to store 1-2 sarees.



Pure Cotton


45 cm


35 cm


27 grams

Stitching Hand Stitched


The thread count has been optimised to give enough breathability while ensuring durability. Since the use of the bag is to store and not to carry, choice of cloth has been towards thin textured low thread count.

They have a flap with two buttons. The "Zipless" design ensures you do not accidentally cause wear and tear while opening and closing the bags. 

Please note depending on the availability, the button design and look may be different in different batches.


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