Ethnic Edition
Cotton Saree Bags
Ethnic Edition
Aprudha Single Saree bags
Aprudha Single saree bags - Ethnic Edition designed to keep your daily wear sarees, comes with a smart transparent window which gives you easy accessibility to what is kept inside apart from protecting them from dust & humidity. Made from the purest of all fabrics, they are very gentle on your saree.

Available in Pack of 6
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₹ 1,496.00
Bags For Kanjeevaram Sarees
Aprudha Cotton Kanjeevaram bags give you a unique way to store your Exclusive sarees like kanjeevaram, banarasi, paithani. You can maintain the charm of your expensive sarees with these bags.

Available in Pack of 4
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₹ 1,140.00
Ethnic edition
Hanger Saree Bags
Aprudha Cotton Hanger Saree Bags are perfect to store your delicate sarees like chiffons, crepes, and light-weighted organza which are tend to wrinkle when stacked in cupboard. These strategically designed Aprudha's hanger saree bags will protect the shine, newness of such fabrics, also help them keeping intact and ready to use.

Pack of 4
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₹ 1,500.00
keep your saree, blouse and petticoat together
Folder Saree Bags
Aprudha Cotton folder bags give you a unique way to store your saree, blouse & petticoat together in a single bag. This
bag is strategically designed with three separate sections to keep your saree, blouse as well as petticoat. This will save the time used in searching for a matching blouse and petticoat for your chosen saree. A bag perfect to store your special sarees. This is also a perfect saree bag to use while travelling as they keep the iron of the saree and blouse in great condition.

Available in Pack of 6
₹ 2,195.00
New Launch
Aprudha Blouse Bags
Aprudha Pure Cotton Blouse bags are strategically designed for your blouses which help you keep your blouses safe and sound by protecting them from dust and humidity.

Pack of 2
₹ 1,880.00
New launch
Aprudha Blazer Bags
Aprudha Pure Cotton blazer bags help you keep your precious Blazers/Jackets/Coats safe and sound by protecting them from Dust and Humidity.

Pack of 2
₹ 1,647.00
Aprudha Lehenga Bags
Marriage is the most important event of any women's life, and so is their marriage attire. We at Aprudha have launched these cotton lehenga bags for preserving your precious lehengas.

Pack of 2
₹ 2,640.00
Ideal choice to protect your sarees
Pure Mulmul Wrap Around For Saree Storage
Aprudha Pure Mulmul Wrap Around for Saree Storage help you keep your sarees safe and sound by protecting it from Dust, Humidity and Decay.

Available in Pack of 4
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₹ 1,310.00

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45x35 cm allows 1-2 sarees at a time
Basic Cotton Saree Bags - 80 GSM (Thinner)
Aprudha cotton Saree bags are perfect to store your expensive sarees, especially in these difficult times. A number of fabrics like Silk, Muslin and materials often perish over time when not stored correctly. The bags will help you take care of them for months.
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₹ 1,080.00
keep your luxury items organised
Pure Cotton All-Purpose Bag/Bag For Bags
Aprudha All-Purpose Bags are lightweight, breathable and durable. They are made up of pure cotton threads that provide extra protection. Perfect for organizing and storing items such as seasonal dohars/blankets, bed sheets, shawls, sweaters, off-season clothing even summer wears or expensive purse/handbags.

Available in Pack of 4
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₹ 1,450.00

Benefits of Aprudha Cotton Saree Bags

Helps Declutter your wardrobe

These cotton saree bags can be used to keep any clothes. Whether it's a saree, bedsheets, winter gear, or even dresses and hefty lehengas.

Protects your sarees from Dust and Humidity

Dust and humidity are our silk sarees' worst enemies. If your sarees are constantly exposed to dust and humidity, they lose their unique luster and brilliance. this age-old approach is still quite beneficial.

Give long life to your silk sarees

Have you ever discovered a little hole in your Silk sarees? That's because your sarees were exposed to moisture for an extended length of time. Save your heirlooms or precious Pattu saree.

See what our Customers have to say

Thank you ❤️
The sarees from my wedding time are all packed away. Will be ordering more bags. 

- Raja Rajeshwari
Los Angeles, CA

The bags make it really easy to keep cupboards neat! It's really worth buying

- M Bannerjee
Los Angeles, CA

Very happy with your
saree bags. Now my wardrobe looks fabulous.

- Debrati Roy
Los Angeles, CA

Thank you sooo much to you and team Aprudha. You exactly designed what I visualised, took pains to design & execute an order to perfection. I'm sure my daughter is going to really enjoy this. Thanks once again.

- Minakshi Gupta
Los Angeles, CA

Hi! I love your brand.

Saree bags are awesome, my wardrobe looks neat. Love to buy more.

- Priyanka Maheshwari
Los Angeles, CA

Why choose Aprudha pure cotton saree bags

Aprudha is well-known for its high-quality products and excellent customer service. As the first firm to introduce pure cotton saree coverings, we now have over 40000 plus satisfied customers. We are glad to claim that we were the first company to formalize this concept and that we are still the market leader in saree storage.

Our fabrics and bags have been carefully selected and designed. We take great care in selecting fabrics and designing our bags. We were already in the saree industry, so we were aware of the sizes and other issues associated with storing sarees. And this aided us in developing the ideal storage for sarees

These bags are not made in factory, but we get it hand stitched by underprivileged women. Hence generating the employment opportunity for women.

Aprudha brand is run by women, and it is designed to solve women's difficulties. After all, a woman knows just what our fella women are looking for.