The Aprudha Experience

At Aprudha we treat each saree as a work of art. We feel that the craftsmanship and commitment that has gone in the design and weaving of the saree should also extend to how the saree reaches you. While machines make our lives simple, we at Aprudha believe that a human level of commitment towards the experience is something that you will always welcome.

As soon as the saree reaches us form the weaving site, we perform rigorous quality checks to identify any defects and problems. Since these sarees are hand woven, there will always be some irregularities – a signature of the human involvement. There are irregularities that are art and then there are ones that are errors. We evaluate the entire saree and make sure what you get is a piece of art.

Each saree is then sent for a roll press to one of our partners. This process removes the wrinkles that appear while weaving and prepares the saree for packaging and presentation.

Once the saree comes back, we add our branding items. A cloth label in the saree ensures what you get is an original Aprudha curated saree. The stitched label has been carefully placed at a corner which does not interfere with your look.

Even our marketing tags are hand made. We pick up earth-friendly hand made paper tags ( natural brown color) and then add our logo and info using simple block stamps. This gives a retro approach while making sure that we have a personal involvement with the preparation of each tag.

We want you to appreciate the hand weaving process – so we made a special block for you Hand-woven with Love. Indeed we love our sarees and want you to love the piece of art as we do.

We pack each saree in a carefully chosen bag. The bag makes sure that the saree is well protected while with us, in transit and even after that. The bag is a free gift from us – to thank you for choosing Aprudha – every time you drape on one of our sarees.

Once you place an order, we carefully package the saree and send it to you via our logistics partner. They have been advised to be extremely careful with the process. They often add an additional layer of packaging. While we try to get the saree in your hand within 7-10 business days, sometimes it could take a few more. We make sure we send you updates from time to time.

Once you get the saree, you have seven days to return the saree in case of any defects or problems. We are not big enough to plan a pickup – we might need your help in couriering the saree back to us.

We do a full refund of the price you paid for the saree. If you send us the receipt of the courier expense, we will add free points to your account that you can redeem in your next purchase.

We are always there if you have questions about your saree or need help in deciding what look you should plan. Our representatives are available on Facebook to help you getting it right.

If you have any questions, write to us on hello [at] Happy Shopping!