Our Leadership Team

Sweta Anand


CEO & Founder

The force, the torch-bearer, meets Aprudha herself - Sweta Anand. 

Weaving dreams of representing the timeless drapes of India across the globe, Sweta gave up a rather successful stint as an Investment Banker at Wall Street. Despite holding a degree in MBA marketing, she founded this phenomenal home of fusion handlooms – a dream very close to her heart. 


At Aprudha, Sweta heads the sales force, procurement, and customer support team. She takes great pride in micro-managing her customer’s needs. She has the incredible ability to match the right products with the right people. Her unique methodologies are driven by her motto of making friends and not customers. Her vision of making Aprudha every working woman's first choice, and opening a store in every major city,  gives her an adrenaline rush like no other. Sweta upholds the virtues of genuine compassion and focussed intelligence. Her unwavering passion unleashes new ideas every time, that never fail to propel the brand forward.


 Today, Sweta works closely with modern designers and traditional weavers to create sarees that are every woman’s pride. Recently, she has launched Aprudha bags – her take on an eco-friendly solution for the storage of drapes. Sweta’s mission for Aprudha is simple - to ensure that the brand’s promises are kept for a long time.


Abhishek Mishra

Managing Director & Co-Founder


Known for taking problems heads-on, Abhishek Mishra leads the finance, marketing and technology operations at Aprudha.


Being an entrepreneur for over a decade, Abhishek has played a key role in helping Aprudha evolve into a coveted business house today. His astute judgement and goal-oriented approach makes him the perfect mentor for the entire Aprudha team.


Hailing from the software and consulting industry, Abhishek’s prime focus has always been towards solving problems using data.  He is thus the man behind setting up the key strategic aspects of Aprudha – from online presence to investments. Abhishek also takes care of design and innovation in the eco-friendly products division of the company.


Throughout his journey, Abhishek’s meaningful and constructive engagement with employees, customers and situations alike has inspired many. His path-breaking approach towards innovation supports his vision of making Aprudha an experiential and strategic e-brand. A brand that is aimed at offering classy products to conscious buyers.


Abhishek holds a Master’s degree in Physics, and has a rich experience of  working with some eminent Fortune 500 companies in India and the USA. This makes him an expert in building and optimizing business processes. Under his keen guidance, Aprudha thrives as a home-grown brand with a global ethos.

Mandira Shukla

Product & Design Head


Mandira is the force behind Aprudha’s exciting product line. Her design philosophy is based on reviving India’s ancient crafts to complement the modern fashion landscape. She is a fashion design graduate from S.N.D.T Mumbai. Mandira is an expert at handmade crafts like Sanganer hand block prints, herbal dyeing, contemporary hand embroideries. She even specializes in many other surface ornamentations techniques. 


Mandira is keen to re-kindle the modern woman’s fondness for evergreen drapes. Her design sense and sensibility is backed by her wide exposure of working at numerous and prestigious fashion weeks. Her love for Indian textiles and authentic craftsmanship motivates her to create designs that are loved by all generations alike. Mandira is known for her keen attention to detail and active interest in incorporating a blend of modern and traditional art across her designs. 


Mandira is visionary and intuitive. It is her constant endeavour to make Aprudha the flag bearer of authentic handloom products, sworn for its quality and purity. A young and energetic addition to Aprudha’s team of experts, trust Mandira to ‘eat’, ‘sleep’ and ‘pray’ fashion. She is always hot on the tracks of the latest style trends. Mandira believes that Aprudha has the unique ability to rise to the ranks of a celebrated e-commerce fashion house like no other.

Amit Kumar Durg

Operations & Logistics Head


Amit brings in-store operations, backend processing and payment functioning systems expertise to the table. He leads by example and plays an instrumental role in streamlining complex business procedures at Aprudha. From the moment an order is placed, till the time it reaches the customer, Amit takes a personal interest in ensuring the seamless delivery of high-quality products. He leaves no stone unturned at implementing resolution strategies, across multiple levels, whenever the need arises.


For many years now, Amit has been dedicating his efforts towards building a smooth operating business model. He is known for his simplistic yet extremely structured approach and is a great patron of the ‘right way to operate’. Amit has also been instrumental in expanding Aprudha’s business in India as well as overseas. With his team working relentlessly, like a synchronized machine day and night, Aprudha has scaled its operations from a few orders a day to hundreds of them. 


Amit bases his work ethics on a democratic approach and is a strong believer in team unity, recognition and appreciation. He also nurtures a division that is energised and motivated and adds positivity to Aprudha’s inclusive culture. It is his vision to constantly reinvent the brand and enhance its efficiency while keeping the quality intact. In Amit’s own words, “I want Aprudha to be a star in the market”, as he constantly strives to make the brand a cornerstone of sustainable fashion.