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    Aprudha linen stoles are made up of organic linen fibres, dyed using azo free technique. These were specifically designed keeping your sensitive skin in mind. The Face and neck are the most exposed parts of our body that need special protection as they are also the most delicate ones.

    With the world full of dust, pollution and germs we all have developed a habit of covering our face. But here is a catch. Artificial fabrics based covering does not allow our skin to breathe properly, resulting in rashes, acnes and pimples. It is always advisable to use natural fabrics which allow your skin to breathe.

    These Linen stoles can also be used as an accessory. It gives newness to our old look - ethnic or western. Wrap it around casually for a care free look, or wear it in pleated form while going to office. It will always enhance your Top, Kurti or even a Dress.

    Our choice of cool pastel shades is aimed at providing a pleasant feeling to your eyes.

    Pick up these environmental, skin and eye friendly linen stoles to add extra value to the over all look you are carrying.

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