Timeless drapes for the ageless woman

An accomplished doctor, a corporate achiever, a philanthropist – few things are as precious as a woman who loves her work. She seeks to dress in a way that complements the wisdom gained with age. For her, Aprudha presents an unmatched range of sarees to cherish beyond passing trends. For a long time to come.


Founded by the duo Shweta and Abhishek, Aprudha gives sarees a pride of place in the everyday work wardrobes of women. Borrowing from our name, which means ‘the one that never gets old’, our thoughtful and inspired sarees outlive a lifetime. Quite like the women we craft the sarees for, nurturing is at the heart of everything we do. So while our handpicked collection of authentic sarees makes a statement at work, our exclusive saree bags protect them as they’re tucked away in a wardrobe. We also guide them with saree care, forging a relationship until long after the purchase. 


Aprudha is a collection of handcrafted sarees designed for the experienced woman. It understands her choices and aligns with them to become her wardrobe staple. But Aprudha’s mindful fashion doesn’t end with a purchase. The exclusively designed saree bags and our thoughtful saree care tips take care of the pieces to last year after year. 


Aprudha combines ancient traditions with a conscious future. We rediscover corners across India to identify traditional artisans mastering craftsmanship that’s treasured for generations. Our designers partner with these weavers to create sarees with undying charm. Crafted with traditional practices and earth-friendly fabrics, the sarees are a classic statement for the ageless woman and a great investment for the planet too.

Comfortable drape, confident style, conscious living – that’s Aprudha.