How women across India are moving towards Eco friendly saree bags

As the world is moving towards a plastic-free environment, the demand for eco-friendly bags is increasing. Many have adapted to the use of earth-friendly bags like cotton, jute, etc rather than using plastic bags especially for treasures like sarees. Every Indian woman loves their precious drapes and wouldn’t mind going the extra length to take care of them. In the olden days, women were drawn towards the idea of wrapping up their sarees in old cotton clothes for safekeeping. As old is gold Now, we can say that we are going back to our roots. 



It’s great to see how women are getting more aware of how plastic and synthetic bags can be harmful to their sarees as well to the environment. Plastic bags are no longer the top choice of women when it comes to their saree closet organisation. Eco-friendly cotton saree bags are gradually taking over every Indian woman’s closet which is a good initiative. 
These saree bags are known to be the best wardrobe organisers as they protect the lustre and shine of pure silks sarees, give your closet an elegant look, and are harmless for the environment. which is the reason why they are the ideal choice when it comes to saree storage. 
They are recyclable, washable, and non-polluting. This is why they are being preached about nowadays. Eco-friendly saree bags are not only great for saree but also beneficial to human health. These saree bags can be used for years, unlike plastic bags. A single cut on a plastic bag makes them obselete.Eco-friendly saree bags are very strong and can be used for years.
We can proudly say that Aprudha pure cotton saree bags are today part of thousands of women's wardrobes. If you have not tried our bags yet then pls go ahead and do so. "As little by little a little becomes a lot"