4 Things To Keep In Mind While Storing The Sarees

Are you in a dilemma, if you should be hanging your sarees or stack them up ? Not sure whats the right away. We can help.

Here are the 4 different points you should consider while hanging your saree in wardrobe.

What is the fabric of the saree?

It is always advisable to hang lightweight sarees made up of chiffons, georgette, crepe, or even cotton.  These fabrics get crumpled if stacked, so hanging them is an ideal option. Sarees like pure pattu/silk, organza, or hand-weaved sarees should not be hanged as they tend to get torn at the folds. So stack them up in a pure cotton Aprudha saree bag. And store safely in your wardrobe.




Is it a Zari saree?

It is not advisable to hang silk sarees or pattu sari with zari because if zari sarees are hanged for a long time, zari becomes loose and worn out. So don’t hang your zari sarees but stack them up.




What are your hangers made of ?

Always use wooden hangers for hanging your expensive sarees. As iron hangers may catch rust and spoil the sarees.




Fully covered hanger bag

You can find lots of options in hanger bags, fancy and designers ones in net, plastic, and other synthetic fabrics. But they are just for show and don’t protect your sarees from dust and humidity. Use the bags which are made up of pure breathable cotton and which can cover your sarees from all sides.


 Aprudha hanger saree covers/bags are very good options. They are made up of pure cotton, can be washed and used for years. Unlike zip and velcro, wooden buttons used in the bags make it long-lasting. 

So make Aprudha hanger bags the pride of your wardrobe. One small step towards ecological and earth-friendly storage. And of course, They look classy  when hanged in your wardrobe


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