Being Vocal about Local

Ever since Aprudha launched its business, being local has always been the mantra that has driven us – in good times as well as tough times. We have been supporting local vendors while giving them access to global markets.


All out sarees are sourced directly from weavers, most of them from rural parts of India. Some of the saree styles have become obsolete – often just a handful of family members keeping the art alive. Aprudha is committed to keep them afloat and help them make a decent living.


Our stitched products are designed, tailored and maintained locally. Our designers are small business owners and freelancers from Pune who help us come up with new age designs that get an appeal globally. Aprudha uses small tailoring units and sometimes extremely talented individual tailors to work on the clothes.


All our models are hired locally from Pune. Some of them are professional while some of them do it as a passion.