Eco friendly wardrobe: one saree at a time

When have you last opened your wardrobe without any reason just to see what are the things stacked inside? Not done recently then do it now. What do you see? Lots of unused stuff lying deep inside your cupboard in a crinkled polythene bag. Even useful things and expensive items are properly folded in plastic bags. We have this habit of using plastic covers for all the expensive things. Especially our sarees.


On the contrary, if you check your grandma's or your mother's wardrobe you will not see overfilled closet. I remember as a kid my mom and aunts used to buy sarees only on special occasions. All of them were neatly folded and wrapped in an old suti cloth or hand-stitched cotton bags. They used to stitch cotton bags or jholas of different sizes for a different purposes. Right from the wardrobe organisers to the bags for vegetables were reusable and made out of recycled clothes.


In the last 20 years, the consumption of plastic waste has risen more than it has in the previous 40 years. And unfortunately, only 9%of the total plastic on earth has been recycled to date. This data is scary.

Now people are getting more aware and conscious of the environment. Even the government is taking the initiative to ban plastics. Which is a great Start. We can also contribute by making small changes.

How about replacing all your plastic bags with eco-friendly storage solutions. Name it your eco-friendly wardrobe :) Start with replacing plastic sarees bags with our pure cotton Aprudha saree bags. one saree at a time. Once you start decluttering your wardrobe and replacing it with our earth-friendly pure cotton saree organizers, you will be in addiction to do that for your whole house :) eco-friendly wardrobe to earth-friendly home.


We have created these pure cotton saree covers with so much precision that you will keep on using them for years. You will get bore of them but it won’t fail you.Try these pure cotton Aprudha saree bags and other cotton Aprudha bags for that eco-friendly wardrobe. We believe in slow fashion and this is one of the initiatives where we are providing age-old techniques of sustainability with a hint of a modern twist.

We believe in mindful creations of products that will lead to mindful consumption.
Our team has made this very thoughtful product that can be used and lasts forever.

A small step makes a huge difference someday.

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