Handloom Saree - The Authentic Handmade Luxury

Every Handloom Saree tells a story, it is not just a six yard of fabric that is handwoven with warp and weft thread. In fact, it’s a feeling which is interlaced with love and life. While making a handloom saree, weaver puts his emotions in it and use the technique what he has received from his ancestors to give a long life to his creation. 


Take A Step To Revive Our Ancient Crafts

In this modern world, as a brand, and as a wearer we are their hope for survival and preservation of ancient crafts. Usually, the whole family of weavers is involved in creating the handloom saree or fabric which they keep on transferring to their next generation as a gift of art. Each time we buy a handloom saree, we are actually doing our bit to support the family of weavers, empowering and encouraging them to preserve our ancient crafts.


Let’s Embrace Flaws Of Handloom Saree

The beauty of handloom sarees lies in the imperfections. A handloom saree cannot be flawless, otherwise it’s not a handloom. There are a few steps involved in weaving a handloom saree and the mark of each step can be seen in the finished handloom saree and it shows that it is created by hard work, patience and endless efforts.


Doing Our Bit To Preserve Handloom

India is a home of authentic handloom weavers and our weavers create each handloom saree with utmost love, patience, warmth, & hope. 

As a Brand, We at Aprudha doing our bit to revive our ancient artistry and removing the gap between the weavers and consumers by transferring the authentic handloom sarees to all over the world.