Kantha - An Ageless Craftsmanship Of India

Kantha embroidery is an indigenous craft originating from East India. This ancient embroidery is known for its uniqueness and ability to tell a story through its artistic expressions. This craft is practiced in the eastern parts of India, which comprises running stitches. The women of ancient times started this art as a hobby and gradually it became an exquisite craft of India.


Journey Of Kantha

A unique form of embroidery was once done on old sarees and apparel to make them look fresh again. In other words, Kantha was once done only on discarded garments to transform them into fresh creations with extended life, what we call today "Best Out Of Waste".

Kantha is practiced by rural Indian Women. Traditionally, It was influenced by external factors such as climate, material availability, daily needs and economic factors. Kantha displays a variety of artistic motifs adorned in elaborate patterns with a running stitch. It involves a variety of motifs inspired by nature, such as flowers, plants, fish, birds and geometric motifs. It is predominantly a female craft and has been passed down from mother to daughter for ages.


Creation Of Kantha

After years of innovation and continuous practice, artisans can achieve any kind of contemporary patterns by blending traditional and modern motifs. The creation of Kantha can take months to achieve the elegance and perfection, the end results are simply worth the wait.


Inspiration Behind This Art

Day to day life is the source of inspiration behind this art. The motifs embroidered on fabrics are mostly flowers, birds, and different views of livelihood. Each composition tells the story in the form of elaborate embroidery. 

The beautiful work of art created by a simple running stitch and it gives a sense of oneness. This hand embroidery represents the innovation of the ancient era and the values which passed down from generation to generation in a precious way. In a way, it reconnects us to our roots.


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