Attention!!! It’s time to change the fold of your silk sarees.

Your sarees need much love and care just like you! It’s very important to take good care of these beauties to make sure they have a long life. Silk sarees in particular are timeless classics and to make sure these classics have a beautiful long life, there are just a few things that should be done. 

Keep a check

Silk sarees are treasures and may be some of these treasures you have are  from your mother or grandmother's collection. A simple step taken can preserve these treasure of yours. Silk being a natural and delicate fibre, it is little vulnerable and may deteriorate over a period of time. Taking your silk sarees out of your closet and unfolding them helps you keep a check on damages if any. 


Unfold your silk sarees 

It’s very important to keep changing the fold of your silk sarees every now and then to keep them from having permanent fold marks. Doing this also gives your silk sarees a fresh feel every now and then. While folding your kalamkari or hand painted silk sarees, make sure you fold the design inside out of a saree, this keeps them from getting spoiled. Refolding your silk sarees every three months, prevents it from tearing in the crease line. Once you unfold your silk saree and fold it back again, place it in pure cotton bags which further adds onto it’s life and keeps it away from dirt, dust and humidity. 

Keep your sarees safe in pure cotton bags 

Nowadays, Pure cotton saree bags and covers are the best alternative to plastic saree bags and also synthetic saree bags which are no longer the 1st choice of conscious shoppers. Talking specifically about the silk sarees, the basic silk fibre consists of protein which is a natural fibre and needs to breathe. The pure cotton saree bags are made up of breathable fabric, hence it's advised to keep your silk sarees in these cotton saree bags. To add on to it, these cotton saree bags help your closet look classy, organized and clutter free. These cotton bags are also an age old formula that has been used by our grandmothers since many year. They used their old cotton sarees to make saree bags or just wrap their sarees into it and we have extended that tradition by offering pure cotton saree bags that are easy to use and hassle free. These cotton saree bags from Aprudha are chemical free, washable and zipless to protect your beautiful silk sarees from any accidents.


So why wait!  when you too have an option of going for these Aprudha's pure cotton saree bags which are smart and chemical free, which goes hand-in-hand with the environment.

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