5 ways To Ensure That Your Zari/Embroidered Sari Doesn't Get Oxidised

Sari is the most loved attire of Indian women, it adds grace to any occasion. Making and buying a saree is an emotional journey, it is the art woven by weavers and appreciated by a wearer. When a woman purchases a sari, she invests her thoughts in it and wants to keep that saree for a life long. 

A Sari travels from one generation to another, it needs special love and care. To keep your sarees fresh and beautiful, you need to give them special treatment a bit more than other garments. 



It is important to check and inspect your sarees every three months. Many women face a challenge while maintaining their zari/embroidered sari. Maintaining a zari can be tricky.

No need to worry - we have some special tips to save your special zari/embroidered sarees from getting oxidised.

Tips to save your zari/embroidered sarees from getting oxidised

Let’s find out how can you save your zari/embroidered sarees from getting oxidised:- 

1. Place each zari/embroidered sari separately in a pure mulmul wrap around 

Wrap your precious zari/embroidered sarees in a pure mulmul wrap around and store them separately to maintain their longevity. Pure mulmul wrap arounds keep your sarees away from dust & humidity and allows your sarees to breathe. 



2. Place Mulmul wrap around between the folds of the zari/embroidered saree

Cover the zari/embroidery work with pure mulmul wrap around by placing it between the folds of the sari. This will prevent the embellishments from tearing apart. 


3. Zari/embroidered sarees needs to be folded in a way in which embroidered side comes inside.

For sarees with heavy zari/embroidered work, it is advised to fold the embellished side inwards in order to maintain its lustre and also prevent any snag or tear.


4. Never hang your zari/embroidered saree.  

Do not hang your zari/embroidered sarees. This may cause zari/embroidery to break, stretch and tear the fabric. Use pure mulmul wrap around for storing zari/embroidered saree to preserve the exquisite work on your sarees.


5. Place your zari/embroidered sari in a cool & dark place.

Cover your zari/embroidered sarees in pure mulmul wrap arounds and store them in a cool & dark place to keep them away from fading or discolouring.

Your sarees are precious, buying a sari is an investment which needs proper care. Give them special care & love by following the tips mentioned above.  The reason behind to cover your sarees with pure mulmul wrap around is to allow them to breathe, save them from getting oxidised by reacting with air, to save your saree from getting tangled by other fabrics in your wardrobe.

Aprudha's mulmul wrap arounds can help you keep your sarees fresh. These mulmul wrap arounds are soft, fine and chemical free which allows saree to breathe.


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